Spring Water Prospects


Friday Mar31,2017at5:00AM Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service The Boss Baby derives its premise from the notion that whenbabies show up in the household, they render parents into slavishly devoted employees with their demands and fits. Babies are like bosses, but more satirically, bosses are like babies, right? That metaphor is explored in Marla Frazees childrens book, with a boss baby outfitted in a suit, complete with buttoned bottom flap, and now thats been transported to the screen with Alec Baldwin voicing the titular boss. In theory, the idea seems about as interesting as Baby Geniuses, but in execution, the film is surprisingly fun and clever. Written by Michael McCullers, its almost too clever for its own good only adults are going to the appreciate nuances of the jokes and wordplay about corporate middle-management culture, with all of its memos and water coolers. That content is offset with a wild and creative visual design. The film is directed by Tom McGrath, who directed the Madagascar and Megamind films and got his start in animation on The Ren & Stimpy Show. Theres a fluidity to the action sequences, especially the imaginative fantasy sequences of young Tim Templeton (Miles Bakshi), the Aquaid Is The Uk’s Leading In A Hot Tank Much Like The Traditional Hot Water Heaters Used In Residential Homes. boy whose home the Boss Baby invades. Its a visual treat from start to finish, expansive in scope and multitudinous in its design influences. Although Frazees book offers the metaphor of the Boss Baby, McCullers fleshes out a full action-adventure story for Boss Baby and Tim.

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