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Designed in Russia, it is produced by furniture design start-up LLLOOCH. The uniqueness of the LoLo concept is that it organizes space and provides an aesthetic solution for public areas such as meeting rooms, receptions or open offices. LoLo consists of 4 separate and independent modules for coffee makers, water coolers, microwaves and kettles. Each module is made of natural birch plywood, has functional storage drawers and is available in various colors and finishes (oil or enamel). Any combination of modules can be purchased and arranged depending on individual needs. The LoLo micro-kitchen was designed by young Russian designers Tatiana and Mikhail Repin. Their concept stayed away from stereotypical office aesthetics and was inspired by fairytales. The result is a an emotional, playful and inspiring piece of furniture. The LoLo micro-kitchen has gone through several stages of development and refinement, whereby numerous prototypes were made and test production batches successfully sold. The first LoLo The Most Current News About Water Cooler prototypes were presented at “HOMI” in Milan, Italy, and the actual product was introduced at the international “imm furniture fair” in Cologne, Germany. LLLOOCH has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to be able to produce LoLo much faster and in larger batches.

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